Ideanote updates
Ideanote updates

Changelog (09-07-2021)





  • Added a submenu when changing ranks in the people overview
  • Fixed issue where emails sometimes wouldn't be received
  • Fixed issue where the icon in view tabs would collapse in Safari
  • The titles of views are now being capped to 50 characters
  • More padding has been added to the anonymous avatars
  • When opening help center on mobile it now opens in a new window
  • When having access to the idea owner, hovering over the avatar of an idea will now show a warning that explains why the user can see the owner
  • Added support for anonymity to Zapier triggers and actions
  • Changed the during of instant to mean within 5 minutes (before it meant within 15 minutes)
  • Fixed issue where the font weight would sometimes not show correctly when customising the space
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changelog (28-06-2021)





  • It is now possible to make ideas anonymous
  • Holding down shift will select multiple ideas in trends
  • It is now possible to lock phases so ideas or activities cannot be edited
  • Cluster view is now translated based on the workspace language
  • Clicking items in a draggable context will now always click instead of drag
  • Adding a cover through Unsplash is now faster than ever
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • The date picker now respects the min and max dates when selecting a date and time.
  • Improved all popups and dialogs on mobile

Custom Views 1.1


Manage ideas.



Filters and views just got married 🎉

Make idea management even more actionable and efficient. Now you can create custom filtered views, save them and make sure the right people seem the right ideas at the right time. For example a view of just the Top 10 ideas, or a View that shows ideas that need to rated by your evaluation team.

Create a filter,



save it to your view,


manage who can see the view,



and, re-order your views.


Changelog (17-06-2021)





  • Added support for reordering mission views.
  • Added support for saving filters and sorting to views.
  • Email notifications are no longer sent to users who have not accepted their invitation yet.
  • Inviting users to a workspace now always correctly updates existing lists of users on the page.
  • Rating cards are now wider.
  • When creating a new rating criteria when editing a rating phase, the criteria is now added to the phase.
  • Change email provider to use a static IP. This makes emails more reliable and companies using email filtering only have to allow the domain
  • More trusted domains are now allowed when uploading videos.
  • Fixed issue where an email notification in some cases were sent to the user even though it had been viewed on the platform.
  • More data as for example the environment is now sent through the Google Analytics integration.
  • When having no logo on the workspace, the logo is shown as not defined in workspace settings.
  • Margins are now smaller in the feed.
  • Hovering teams now has correct width when there are many stats.
  • New Zapier Trigger: you can now use mentions as a trigger in Zapier.
  • Fixed issue where creating a comment with an attachment sometimes would make the comment count go up by 2 locally.
  • The comment count will now always show the correct number locally when deleting replies with replies.
  • Clicking the sharable link in share mission now copies the link to the clipboard.
  • Inviting people through CSV now correctly invites existing users to the specified teams.
  • Made the list of phases when editing a phase scrollable.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns sometimes would appear in the wrong direction.
  • Added help article on how to add custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • When inviting a guest to a team, the guest is now automatically converted to a normal member.
  • Team owners can now navigate to the members section of settings and add people to their team.
  • Fixed issue where links to receipts in some cases didn't work.
  • We have made improvements to performance, the UX and fixed bugs.

Changelog (25-05-2021)





  • Uploading files from Internet Explorer 11 is now more performant.
  • On Safari we now show all attachments on cards when many are added.
  • When uploading files we now always show the correct progress percentage.
  • Events sent through the Google Analytics integration has been cleaned up.
  • Fixed missing images in the intergrations page.
  • The enter tab icons are now hidden in the widget when on mobile.
  • Padding has been decreased in the widget when on mobile.
  • The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations now support more versions.
  • The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger integrations are now supported on the widget.
  • When we update the widget, the upgrade experience is now more seamless than ever and users should not notice when new versions are released.
  • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases, the email login link would not work.
  • Attachments on the platform such as uploading a logo or cover image now only allow selecting images.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of a video attachment would not show in Safari.
  • When hiding and showing columns in the list view, the dropdown does no longer close.
  • When clicking on a list view row the corresponding idea now opens.
  • Custom views dropdown now correctly collapses when the filter sidebar opens.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty state sometimes would show before ideas had finished loading.
  • Added better internal error tracking and uptime monitoring.
  • Italian, Dutch and French translations have been improved.
  • Turkish language support has been added.

Changelog (12-05-2021)





  • Video upload improvements of large files.
  • More descriptive error handling in widget.
  • It is now possible to choose time when selecting deadline.
  • Insights about trends does now always start from the center.
  • It is now possible to add empty idea fields for the widget for communicating a message during the idea creation.
  • After logging in as an admin through an instant login link the correct mission edit buttons are now shown.
  • When logging in with a wrong password the spinner now stops spinning before the toast goes away.
  • It is now possible to select file types and sizes when setting up the attachments idea field.
  • Fixed issue where navigation bar sometimes when opened would be on top of some buttons on mobile.
  • We now properly show that the video is being processed while it is being processed.
  • The Zapier integration now uses transactions for creating ideas.
  • All images are now preloaded to enhance performance.
  • Tabs for views now uses more space before collapsing.
  • When clicking a view option the dropdown now collapses automatically.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Changelog (04-05-2021)





  • Creating ideas is now faster than ever
  • Control the visibility of ideas and activities in phases
  • Custom views
  • Themes has been updated
  • Ability to request manual invoice
  • Customize the rating range
  • Customize the rating labels
  • 2FA Payments
  • Add your own Google Analytics ID to measure usage
  • Add your own Google Tag Manager ID to customize the HTML, JavaScript and HTML
  • Mobile improvements
  • New landing page
  • General speed improvements
  • Lots of bug fixes

Introducing Custom Views





There is more than one way to look at an idea.

We're always working to make it easier for you to manage ideas. Sometimes that means giving you the right overview, letting you dive in and explore or creating filtered views.

This week we released Custom Views, a feature that lets you save and share your way of working with ideas. From diving into and exploring ideas, a ready-made list for your evaluation team or specific insights. Just add, rename, filter and share. So everyone stays efficient and your innovation moves faster.


Introducing Google Tag Manager Integration


Automate innovation.




Ideanote now let's you add your own Google Tag Manager property - giving you full control over custom HTML, CSS and Javascript you want to run on your workspace.

From adding custom styles to embedding your own helpdocs or chatbot to tracking conversion rate with pixels. Your customization possibilities are endless.

Learn more about Tag Manager here.

Introducing Native Google Analytics Integration


Automate innovation.




Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. You might already be familiar with it, maybe you're even using it for your own website anlaytics.

Now you can connect your Ideanote with Google Analytics and track events such as new ideas, comments and likes right from within your analytics platform. Just paste your GA code and the setup is done.

Once you've set up Google Analytics, there is an opportunity to automate complex reporting and configuration tasks using APIs